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Install Bathroom Ceramic Tile Floors Services in Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga Tile Flooring Services
Tiles are a popular type of floor, which makes it a preference to most people. It is easy to clean and maintain, a

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring will help your home in a great way. First you will be able to get a higher value of your home during a resale, and second to enhance

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Welcome To Chattanooga Flooring Pros

We will consult with you, and advise you exactly which materials to purchase, and where to get the best prices on them. We want to  focus on installing them, and saving your hard earned money for other projects.  We offer demolition services to your existing floor.  We provide professional installation of the following flooring types of services:

Types of Services

  • Tile Installation
  • Hard Wood Floors
  • Bamboo Floors
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl Floors
  • Laminate Floors
  • Radiant Heating
  • Shower Installs
Chattanooga flooring pros are the one stop shop, offering all flooring services. We are here to ensure that you get the best installation for your home. We also provide recommendations on the best materials to purchase to ensure the right outcome with the floor. As I stated before, each project is unique, as each home and home owner are as well. We are only a call away, at any time.

Chattanooga Flooring Pros is the best company to hire for any flooring needs.We are committed to deliver high levels of professional services. Our team has the experience to provide the best, most efficient, careful install in the area. Therefore, whenever we encounter any challenges, we are ready to tackle it immediately. Our level of professionalism enables us to deliver high quality services.

Services We are committed to ensure that you find your best services with us at Chattanooga flooring pros. In addition to install, there are often other services involved with Installation. We ensure that we offer reliable services, which will last for long and offer you value for your money. In addition to new installs, we are always willing to help with other projects, such as:

• Floor repairs
• Floor refinishing
• Remove & haul off old floor
• Floor Leveling
• Block Jacking
Quality services
Satisfaction guaranteed 100%. We ensure our services are satisfying in all aspects. All of they guys on my team are absolute experts with materials, tools, and installation of flooring materials. We only do what is right. We ensure to advice on the best materials that will also complement with our hard work. Look no further! Give us a call at (423) 426-9660. You will be glad you called Chattanooga Flooring Pros!

Chattanooga flooring pros offers high quality services at a price that is affordable to all. We lead in making the prices affordable in the flooring market. We care about your finances. So our prices will fit your budget. We will never compromise on safety, or quality of our craftsmanship, or materials. You are guaranteed the best flooring installation services with Chattanooga Flooring Pros.

Quick Turn around:
Even though we stay busy, we strive to provide efficient flooring services to all who contact us. We do not delay your services since we have enough professional flooring technicians to enable us to meet your time frames. We pay you a visit to check your floor the moment you contact us for services. We assure you of our prompt response as soon as we receive your call. So please call now to schedule your free consultation today! (423) 426-9660
This site is managed and operated by J.B. (Brett) Warren Construction, LLC. Brett is a Chattanooga native who is passionate about home renovations, improvements, and new construction. He is an insured, and bonded General Contractor licensed in 5 southeastern states for residential construction.
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I’ve been doing flooring since I was 16 years old. I was fortunate enough to work with my Uncle, who is a master carpenter & Architect. Every flooring job is different due to the fact that every house is different. It ages differently. The time of construction, the type of construction, and of course the […]

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Just tap to call (423) 426-9660 Now, or fill out the web form for a call back.​ From the elegance of Hardwood floors to the durability and affordability of Laminate Flooring solutions, we have the knowledge, passion, and experience to meet your budget and time constraints.    Just tap to call (423) 426-9660 Now, or fill […]

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Call Today for the best combination of quality service & competitive pricing. We are the experts to hire for all of your home or office flooring installation needs

Brett WarrenHi, my name is Brett Warren, and I'm so glad you made it here. You can read more about me and my team's experience in installing hardwood,  laminate, tile, and many other materials in our service  and about me pages.  Let me tell you why you should hire us for your next flooring project:

​ Every flooring project is unique because every house is unique. Each home ages differently.The time of construction, the type of construction, and the flooring materials will ultimately control part of the process of designing your new floor.  I think one of the most crucial elements to a successful flooring install is having the knowledge and experience to evaluate how the installation area is going to transition into the existing areas. We know it is crucial that the non renovated areas must be protected. I've done a lot of project management in my career as a contractor,  so my first priority is protecting the customer's home.  I also want to protect your experience while we do the renovations. Keeping the area safe, clean, reducing dust,as well as protecting your property from damage, is a number one priority. In as many ways as we can we will leave our job site, your home,  absolutely immaculate."
 Brett Warren - owner and team lead Chattanooga Flooring Pros

Chattanooga Flooring Pros offers you the unique ability to hire the best flooring contractors at a fraction of retail install prices.  

With over 25 years of experience in the flooring industry, our team works hard providing the best quality contracting services for flooring installation in the Chattanooga area, at the best prices.
I am passionate about flooring, because floors really transform a house. They can really transform the lifestyle of living in the home.
I'm personal friends with my clients because we truly care about the quality of service and exceeding our client's expectations on every detail and project.

Please call (423) 426-9660 today for a free estimate or consultation on your flooring project.  You will find our prices incredibly competitive, but more importantly, our services unforgettable!

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From the elegance of Hardwood floors to the durability and affordability of Laminate Flooring solutions, we have the knowledge, passion, and experience to meet your budget and time constraints. We recommend leading manufacturers such as Bruce, Timeless, and Armstrong.  Just tap to call (423) 426-9660 Now, or fill out the web form for a call back.​​ Thank you!